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Fandom: Watchmen
Characters: Dan, Rorschach, Adrian in #2.
Date Written: 2010
Summary: 3 Captcha fics, in order: post-Keene Dan, Karnak AU, and some years-down-the-line Z!verse happyfluff.
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warnings! Amazingly. Art after the third fic by the amazing [ profile] jackiemei.

Prompt: 'cornea 197-8'
It's easy to forget. )

PSYCHIC SQUID MIGRAINE what is this i don't even
Prompt: 'mind thwacked'
New York shows a minute to midnight, and it's irrelevant, because the only time that matters is thirty-five minutes passed. )

As Time Goes By
Prompt: 'grey suffuses'
There are many ways their time together could end. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Characters: Dan, Rorschach, Laurie in #1.
Date Written: 2010
Summary: 3 Captcha fics, a little whiplashy here; 1 and 3 are miserysad, 2 is light and adventurey.
Rating/Warnings: PG except for language in #2.

Among Ruins
Prompt: 'seen gentlest'
He can't get close enough to see anything but the shape, black-on-black and insubstantial. )

Half a World Away
Prompt: 'face Panama'
"Don't you have a spare?" he asks, one eyebrow high with incredulity. )

Prompt: 'titanic 76-84'
It's 1976. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Captcha/Misc/Commentfic Ficlets. #1 is a captcha, #2 is from a prompt for 'random fluff', #3 is a comment fic from [ profile] comment_fic. #1 and #2 are z!verse, #1 and #3 are srs bsns, #2 is ridiculous crack.
Rating/Warnings: PG.

Prompt: 'january repays'
He stops, leans against a lamppost, hunches his coat tighter around him. Old habits. )

Prompt: Generalized fluff.
The spoon falls from his mouth to the table with a clatter. )

Prompt: 'never in so many words'
It could just as easily be a broken axle in Archie's hydraulics he's reaching to repair. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Captcha Ficlets. #1 and #2 are Z!verse, #3 is canon post-GN NYC.
Rating/Warnings: PG... 13? For some mentions of violence in various forms? Oh and baawwwwsad on the last one.

#1 - Prompt: 'devalved doctors'
He can't breathe. Oh god, he can’t– )

#2 - Prompt: '6-1/2-79 overheat'
They clamber onto the rooftop and stand for a moment, eyes tracing the line of the eaves and the city shapes beyond, firefly-lit towers reaching into firefly-lit sky.  )

#3 - Prompt:
'$45 retyped'
Human life isn't worth much in Adrian's utopia. Ideas, though. Well. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Ficlets. #1 was for the prompt "Write Rorschach eating something other than beans", #2 and #3 are Captcha fics. #1 and #2 are Dan and Ror, #3 is Adrian.
Rating/Warnings: PG. Nothing particularly offensive. Zombie!schach in #2, feline-on-human violence(of the ultimately adorable sort) in #3. #3 is also terminally silly and ridiculous, but whatever heh.

#1 - WAFFLE TIME - Prompt: "Rorschach eating something other than beans."
'Superior product in every way, Daniel.' )

#2 - Prompt: 'Red sniff'
Nite Owl puts a hand to his cowled forehead; he has never felt so exasperated in his life. )

#3 - Prompt: 'Airlines kitties'
He only ever attempts to travel with Bubastis once. )

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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Ficlets. #1 is an actual Captcha fic; the remaining three are fics written to prompts provided by my flist(and there will be more of these) that, since the post they're in was locked, I'm going to put here.
Rating/Warnings: PG. All pretty light and okay. Implied one-sided slash in #1, Tailor!Zombie!Schach in #2, creepy stalker!Ror in #4.

#1 - Prompt: 'orbit I'm'
He spends his nights circling, working his way closer, sidling sideways between constellations of violence and justice and the brutal efficiency of fists and feet in the dark. )

#2 - Prompt: "Maybe the continuing adventures of Nite Dove? Or anything about Dan's silly alt. costumes, I don't think I've seen a fic about his green, aquatic one. (Maybe with a dose of Rorschach snark?)"
Dan feels idiotic - really, really stupid. )

#3 - Prompt: "Dan giving Rorschach the grapple gun. The first time Rorschach felt comfortable enough with Dan to call him Daniel instead of Nite Owl."
The name too, but that is already soft-edged in his mind, in the way it rides on his tongue but never quite slips free. )

#4 - Prompt: "Rorschach giving Dan an entirely inappropriate birthday present (bizarre, lame, creepily thoughtful). 'Not a birthday present. Didn't even know it was your birthday. Look up your file? Of course I didn't.'"
He's not prepared for a bow. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Ficlets. The first 4 are really small microfics, a self-issued Captcha challenge of 'I can relate anything to zombies', and are therefore all zombie!verse. The 5th is an AU of the zombie!verse(I AU'ed my own AU, I know, I know), also a Captcha fic, not posted elsewhere. The 6th is just a bonus bit of non-Zombie, non-angsty, slashy fluff.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language. Language in #2, politics in #3, imminent character death in #5(but it's only AU, so it's okay D:), Dan/Ror slash and teeth-rotting sweetness in #6.

#1 - Prompt:
'doves 44c'
It's hot. )

#2 - Prompt: 'quarter stickups'
He may as well be robbing quarters from gumball machines. )

#3 Prompt: 'overrule 1,630,000'
It's a ridiculous euphemism, but it's not like the word 'zombie' was ever going to show up in a city council bill. )

#4 Prompt: 'learned appetites'
He doesn't like heavy food. )

#5 Prompt: 'serum 11-'
They're holding him down, threading fresh leather bindings over his arms, his wrists, his ankles – around his throat. )

#6 'Uncomplicated' - Prompt: This Picture
[Because after that last one, I needed to cheer myself up. D:]
These are things for ordinary people. )

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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Ficlets. 2 written to various randomly generated two-word captcha prompts, the last is just random.
Rating/Warnings: R if you consider panicked repetition of the word 'fuck' to constitute an R rating, PG-13 otherwise. Implied slash in the first one, language in the second one, crack-premise in the third one. All Dan/Ror oriented.
Extra Note: The illustrations here are once again NOT MINE. Gifts from anonymous, who is all kinds of awesome.

'oil trestle'
One foot falls silently and mechanically after the other, the exact span of ties set into the old railway bridge worked easily and instinctually into Rorschach's cadence. )

Prompt: 'conning 20' (Zombie!AU)
The growl materializes almost of its own volition, singsongy, rising and falling and thoroughly unhinged. )

Prompt: AU-mashup - Canon collides with Zombie!AU through the use of applied phlebotinum.
Bad enough Jon managed to screw up like this, but to land us in the middle of a late night horror movie... )


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