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Nuts and bolts:

33,000 words as of end of day yesterday. This is well ahead of schedule; I've been ahead the whole time as far as I can see. I've got a lot of the main story arc down and it's looking like this barebones version will probably line up pretty well with the 50K mark.

Stats so far--
Random timeframe shifts: 7
Dream sequences: 3
Action scenes: 3
Deaths: 2
Clumsy makeouts: 1
Incidences of zombies drinking whiskey: 1
Incidences of cuddlingSHARING BODY HEAT: 2
Ways in which this is more of a fanfic than a novel: too many to count. :|

Which brings me to the bad news: yeah, this isn't really a novel. It's a fanfic with the names changed. I'm not sure what to do about that. (Edited out for whininess)

Edited to add: I'll probably just keep pushing through anyway, no worries. At very worst, I'll just change the names back and post it as fanfic. Not like that's a terrible outcome for a month's effort. It's just not what I was hoping for, you know?
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Okay, a few things I wanna throw out there.

First - thank you for the spider, [ profile] wednesday42 :D :D SO CUTE.

Second - I've been scarce for a while, and that's because I've been trying to square away schoolwork as much as I can so that I will be as free as possible during November. Doing pre-lab reports ahead of time, writing papers ahead of time, etc. That's also why I put such a hard push in to finish off BTB: wanted it to not be nagging at me during November.

Which brings me to point three: NaNo. I'm doing it this year. There will be zombie cowboys. There will be derpy bird-nerd cowboys. There will NOT be much time available for other stuff, so expect the scarcity to keep up for a while. I wrapped BTB but I know Vigil and a few other KM-based WIPs are still languishing; I'll get back to them after NaNo's over.

Fourth: I have a full hoboschach getup that I have never actually pulled out for halloween. Should I? :D


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