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So in an attempt to work on tightening up my writing, I've taken suggestions for prompts and put together a Z!verse-themed prompt table. These will be drabbles in the strictest sense - exactly 100 words - and I'll post them here in this post directly below the table, through cuts. Keep an eye out for updates!

1. acceptance 2. breakfast 3. defenestration 4. fantasies 5. mistakes
6. sight 7. smell 8. taste 9. sound 10. touch
11. over easy 12. scrambled 13. poached 14. runny 15. toad-in-a-hole
16. Laurie 17. Adrian 18. Jon 19. Eddie 20. Hollis
21. mirror 22. cover 23. white 24. revolve 25. to run
26. to climb 27. to fall 28. immersion 29. back on earth 30. archivist
31. Blades don't
need reloading
32. No place is
safe, only safer
33. They feel
no fear, why
should you?
34. Four things to
keep: moving, low,
quiet, and alert.
35. "Ow, stop it!"
36. radiator 37. denim 38. howling 39. annoying 40. rats
41. pinion 42. barter 43. ticket 44. slippery 45. circle
46. friends 47. enemies 48. lovers 49. strangers 50. teammates
51. feathery 52. incinerated 53. queasy 54. back-handed 55. sting
56. milky 57. forgotten 58. mural 59. 30th floor 60. overpass
61. suburban 62. crowds 63. dead end 64. rain 65. moon

@ )
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Title: Night of the Living Street Pizza
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach, Dan, from the Possumschach AU
Date Written: 2012
Summary: Why am I using a full formal header for this crap? It's just possumschach being a zombie, idk idk.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for disgustingness and ridiculousness.
Notes: KM AU-mashup. Possumschach AU belongs to the anon who writes it (who may not be anon anymore, but I'm playing it safe here). This fic is completely pointless.

Oh god, he looks like roadkill. )
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Title: Engulfed
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach, Dan
Date Written: 2012
Summary: Rorschach and Nite Owl and Molotov cocktails. Or: In Which Eth Completely Blows Off the Reality of Burn Injuries For the Sake of Fluffy H/C. Sorry, guys.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for injuries? Idk idk.
Notes: Nothing new here, just an old unclaimed KM fic.

Rorschach is on fire. )

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Title: The Center Only Holds
Fandom: Watchmen/Homestuck
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach, Spades Slick. 
Date Written: 2012
Summary: Hold onto your memories, they say, because eventually they're all you have and they're yours, inalterable. Until they aren't. Or: two short, violent, irritable, noir-styled grumpasses meet in the afterlife.
Rating/Warnings: R for stabby stabbings and language, though not so much in this part. This part is most just deathbubble!Rorschach having existential issues.
Notes: FML, FML. Also: Art by [ profile] liodain, gorgeous as always.

Rorschach doesn't expect anything in particular to happen to him, once Manhattan's hand comes down. )

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Title: Tiny Grains of Earth
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach/Dan
Date Written: 2011
Summary: Rorschach is acting funny, not remembering things how he should, and is just inexplicably different. Dan gets paranoid, and seeks his real partner.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 most of the way through, then NC-17 at the very end of part 2, for explicit sex. Read whatever portion makes you comfortable.
Notes:  KM fill. Set in the 60's, early in the partnership.

The coming day casts a sharpness on vision and on memory, burns these moments in. )
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Title: Unaccountably Peckish
Fandom: Echo Bazaar
Characters/Pairings: OC, OC's pet weasel
Date Written: 2011
Summary: There are a lot of things about the Neath that you do not know yet. Best to learn them quickly.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for violence, flowery prose, and second-person POV. D: 
Notes:  For [info]zombie_fest . Prompt was: The Tomb Colonists. On All Hallow's Eve, the bandages come off.
Additional notes: Character is an OC because the source is a game in which you create your own character. This isn't my character; just an random denizen of the Neath. In accordance with failbettergames' fanfiction policy, here is a linkback to the game: Echo Bazaar.

You've been here for eight months, and in all that time, friend, you've only died once. )
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Title: Aunt Gracie's Funeral
Fandom: Human Target
Characters/Pairings: Guerrero, Chance 
Date Written: 2011
Summary: A job left only half finished will always come back to bite you. Literally, sometimes.
Rating/Warnings: R for language, implied violence.
Notes:  One-shot, doesn't go anywhere. For [ profile] zombie_fest. Prompt was: "Again? I thought that shit had been eradicated in South America?"

The phone rings. )

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Title: Columba carnivora
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Z!Rorschach/Dan
Date Written: 2011
Summary: Dan gets a bird named after him, and Rorschach hits a home run. AKA, the one with the zombie pigeons.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, nonsense.
Notes: Zombie!verse. Utter silliness. For [ profile] zombie_fest .
He's been staring the pigeon down all morning. )
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Written in IM for [ profile] tuff_ghost while I was also in my genetics class, trying not to fail:

On the first day of autumn, Dan and his pet zombie went walking in the park. )

Then, written in IM by [ profile] tuff_ghost, NOT BY ME, while she was playing COMPUTAR GAMES:

So they have to get back to patrolling when Ror's leg is no longer falling off. )

I'm so blocked, I actually count this stuff as fic. So what do you think, LJ? Illustrated kid's book material?
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Title: Salty/Sweet
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Z!Rorschach, Dan
Date Written: 2010
Summary: Simple needs are often the hardest to satisfy, or: Bacon Cupcakes FTW.
Rating/Warnings: PG. Fluff and Rorschach being a slob.
Notes: Written for the Rorschach Birthday thread on KM. Spring 1976.

He’s found that when Daniel gets nosy and insistent like this, ignoring him flat-out works best. )

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Title: To Make an Omelette
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach/Dan
Date Written: 2010, at rum o’clock.
Summary: Dan is a hermaphroditic were-owl. There is drunken sex and consequences, and they have BABIES and it’s PRECIOUS and really walter always wanted to be a dad and now they can have true love forever with their owlbbs.
Rating/Warnings: R. Nonexplicit sex, nonexplicit egglaying, nonexplicit author intoxication.
Notes:  KM fill for ‘egglaying’. Here’s the important bit though:

Because Zombieverse and Between the Brushstrokes are getting too involved and writing them is getting too stressful, and canonverse is depressing and stressful anyway, from now on I’m JUST going to write in the Wereowl/Owlbb AU. No more zombies, no more future dystopia, no more nothing, just all owlbbs, all the time. I want to give them a happy home and an easy time so that’s what I’m doing, starting today, 4/1/10.

EXTRA NOTE: Okay just to clarify, both the fic and the announcement above were an April Fools' joke. So no, none of the above(or below) is to be taken seriously.

Anyway. Enjoy.

it starts with the prickling itch of something trying to grow through his skin. )


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