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All six watchmen trolls:

annnnnnd hero-mode Walter reacts to his Trollian screw-up:

Yeah, this obsession will burn itself out eventually, I'm sure.
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Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Dan/Rorschach
Rating/Warnings: R.
Notes: For Kink Bingo(prompt: 'in public'), and an illustration for this fic of the same name. Thank very much to [ profile] liodain for the help and advice. :D

Art under cut. )
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I have entered into a dangerous pact, in which I try to muster my questionable and meager art skills into something presentable in exchange for pornography, of the undead variety. It is reminiscent of deals desperate people strike with the dark prince of the underworld, except that I was going to draw the art ANYWAY so really this entire metaphor is silly.

So here are the results(quotes from the fic under each):

Art under the cut )

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So: Art gifting, again, makes me weep with joy. There has been a bunch lately for stuff that is NOT zombie!verse, so I'm throwing another art dump post together for anything related to my non-zombie fics. :D

By fic this time:

Between the Brushstrokes:

Confrontation - from Anonymous Gifter. [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 5]

Make Me Real - by [ profile] wednesday42. [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 10]

Cover Image - by [ profile] daylilymoon. [from Between the Brushstrokes]

1984 - by [profile] gothic_tampons. [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 11]

Comfort - by YorikoSakakiba at devart. [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 11]

At the Red Light - by [ profile] radishface(radishface at devart). [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 7]

Stuck At the Red Light (comic) - by [ profile] radishface(radishface at devart). [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 7]

"Hello" - by [ profile] simshocking. [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 9]

Reading, Between the Lines - by [ profile] radishface(radishface at devart). [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 10]

Complacency and Degradation - by [ profile] radishface(radishface at devart). [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 11]

(New) Comfort - by [info]kovacsisdead  (WalterKovacsisDead at Devart). [from Between the Brushstrokes | Chapter 11]

Everything else:

Enough: Lineart - Color Version - by [ profile] liodain. [from Enough(NC-17)]

Marking Days - by [ profile] danceswithelvis. [from Marking Days]

Fit and Finish - by [ profile] liodain. [from Fit and Finish]

Gatepost Widows - by ChibiPencil at devart. [from Widows' Gate]

Filling the Gaps - by [ profile] radishface (radishface at devart). [from Filling the Gaps]

Untitled - by [ profile] neutralsurgeon . [from Marking Days]

WAFFLES - by [ profile] slipstreamborne and ???? (Dan artist, identify yourself!). [from Waffle Time ficlet]

Filling the Gaps - by [ profile] liodain . [from Filling the Gaps]

Laundry (NC-17, very NSFW) - by [ profile] liodain . [from Laundry (NC-17)]

Visage (NC-17, very NSFW) - by [ profile] liodain . [from Visage (NC-17)]

Impure Thoughts - by Anonymous, from back in the KM thread for the Twilight Zone Corner AU Mashup. If this is yours, claim it!

Widening Gyre - by [info]danceswithelvis . [from The Widening Gyre]

(New) The Center Cannot Hold - by [info]kovacsisdead  (WalterKovacsisDead at Devart). [from The Widening Gyre]

And a few things by me in Paintchat since they need to be quarantined away from the good art:

Nice Hat - an attempt at a prequel to Visage, not porny.
Noodle!Fail - Ror fails at chopsticks. From the captcha fic 'standing supping'.
Bleeding Ror - From Brushstrokes - chapter 13.
Respite - From The Widening Gyre

So yeah. I will be over here in the corner, squeeing helplessly.
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Nothin special, just playing with a demo version of Painter Sketchpad, which is nice, but crashes a lot. A lot a lot. Like holy shit wow a lot. Irritating. But it seems to improve the overall quality level of the sketching, so.

Ror and Shotgun Man from chapter 5
Ror waiting for Dan to get back alive with the newspapers - chapter 9 - Really shoulda had the suitjacket on but I was done before I realized it OH WELL. At least I remembered the rolled-up Dan!pants. Actually really dig this one a lot.
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Two pieces drawn for [personal profile] steals_thyme  for their fic 'Gratitude' which is all kinds of freaking awesome and is located here: Click on me DO IT NOW

ART NUMBER ONE what is done with prismacolor markers and pencils, old skool style.

ART NUMBER TWO what is all-graphite and is gonna stay that way. D:

Trying to suck less. Hopefully succeeding at that at least.

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Nothing ambitious in the coloring - haven't done this in freaking ages. Probably three or four years. :\ So kind of relearning on the fly.

I like the scary zombie!eyes tho.

(Color Clicky)

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Decided to see how I could do at this if I actually spent time and effort - and used a pencil instead of a pen, and paper without lines - and drew bigger than 2 inches - and so on. It's not... horrible fail. It's at least fail-free enough to post.

So. Not reffed at all, because I'm trying to figure out how to draw these two in my style, not Dave gibbons' style or caricatures of the movie actors, though some of both probably leaked in a bit - but still making them look like themselves, and not just generic faces. Had a harder time with Dan in that regard. I dono. I don't think it's awful.

Will eventually be colored.


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Throwing this together because some awesome and wonderful people have drawn me art for my crazy zombie Watchmen AU and art gifting always makes me weep with joy and lust hero worship. *coughs*

A note since the expansion: If the fic isn't named specifically and linked to, then it's from Now, as Before, which is a good place to start as it is, in fact, the beginning. :D

So, by artist:

[ profile] liodain :
From Chapter One
From Chapter Two | (Colored Version)
From Chapter Four | (Colored Version WIP)
From Chapter Seven
From Chapter Ten | (Colored version) NOM NOM
From Chapter Twelve

Nite Dove - silliness from one of the zombieverse microfics, 'doves 44c'
Trust - alternate ending to the Chapter 10 scene, AKA 'the reason zombie!porn exists.' Not actually a porny picture, just... yow.
Zombie!schach Portrait - not from any particular story, AFAIK. <3
Cats and Lizards - from the fic of (nearly) the same name. <3 <3 <3
Dreaming - Not sure how to tag this one. It is zombie!verse, and it was in response to Dissolution, but it's not actually art from the story, more just art of the scenario that the story made everyone want. bawwwwww. :'(   Sharing it here because I think everyone could use the heart-healing.
Lilacs (Adult) - From, obviously, Breeding Lilacs.
Zombie Kisses - Exactly what it says on the tin. Birthday gift! <3 <3 ILU FOREVER LIO.
A Quiet Offering (Adult) - from the Carrefour!verse fic By Fire (Also adult), ilu lio <3 <3
(New) Left a Bit (Adult) - sexy shenanigans. On the kitchen floor, by my decree. :D

Hermitchild at DevArt
Something to Lose - From Chapter Seven
Eyes - From Chapter Five
Entirely Too Close - From Chapter Eight
Frightened and Frightening - From Chapter Eleven

Anonymous Gifters who do not want to be credited:
Thank you graphic - Eyes
AU Collision - This goes with the AU smashup ficlet,  :D
Profit - This goes with the 'Zombie!Ror and his Stopwatch' ficlet. Heeeeee.

[personal profile] tuff_ghostFrom Chapter Ten - "waiting for Dan to fetch the Rorschach repair kit."

[ profile] simshocking :
Chapter Ten - EAT THE DAMN FOOD D:<

[ profile] slipstreamborne :
From Chapter Five

CUNNING  HAT - From Luck
Third Light - From Visions and Revisions
Xenoschach pre-porns (Quasi-adult?) - from the Xenoschach poker saga
All In (Adult) - from the xenoschach selfcest fic of the same name

[ profile] radishface (radishface at Devart) :
This Grey Space, For a Moment - From Chapter Twelve
Closer and Closer - From Breeding Lilacs

[ profile] jackiemei :
Random Zombie Cuddles <3 <3
Tasty Zombie Almost-Porn A birthday gift from Jackie <3
Lio's Chapter seven pic from above, colored by Jackie. <3 x infinity
Z!verse birthday pic (Adult) - so, so lovely. 
Dan and Ror in the Sun from As Time Goes By
Dan and Zorschach chibis
Dan and his Pet Zombie at the Park, an illustration for this not-really-fic.
(New) BAD ZOMBIE - more of the above, and a birthday gift. :D
(New) L4D fusion - an illustration for the crossover scenario in this drabble.
(New) Threads - Rorschach, coming unravelled. 

Shinju90 at Devart
Zombieschach portrait

[ profile] brancher :

[ profile] kovacsisdead  (WalterKovacsisDead at Devart) :
Caffeinated Tweakyschach - From Shakes

[ profile] ook :
Z!TL Makes a Move

Generic character sketch type dealie | (Colored version) Okay. This is less fail. I am pleased that this is less fail.
From Chapter Five Digital sketch, Ror and Shotgun Man. Less Fail.
From Chapter Nine, pt II Digital sketch, Ror worried about Dan about his newspapers. Less Fail.
Zooooombie LOOK OUT Annnnd we're back to the terrible notebook sketches. BUT! This is the dude who is responsible for the entire Zombie AU being what it is, immediately after Ror smacked him in the face with a 2x4.

Rooftops - a Paintchat drawing, from the '6-1/2-79 overheat' captcha fic.
Zombie mishmash - more Paintchat, just misc z!Ror doodles.
Xenoschachs Playing Poker, from the KM fic Four of A Kind
1800s Dan and Z!Walter (Quasi-adult) from By Fire (Adult).
Hotdogs: Zombie Approved
Zorschach With a Lobo, kicking ass
Killing Time, from the fic of the same name.

This will be updated if other stuff is added or flung at me and god you guys are just WONDERFUL, you're way too good to me.


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