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Snagged from [ profile] wednesday42 , from whom I requested a drabble; now reposting as requested.

Also participating, and involved in WM, to my knowledge: [ profile] steals_thyme , [ profile] circleswithin , [ profile] tuff_ghost , [ profile] jackiemei , [ profile] chibifukurou , [ profile] simshocking , [ profile] slipstreamborne , [ profile] mad_bertha , [ profile] spiffystuff 

Fandom-wise I'd say anything I currently have fic for is fair game (Watchmen, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy 7(Turks only, sorry), Equilibrium, M*A*S*H, Moon, Hitchhiker's Guide) as well as a few others that I've written stuff for but never posted it (Human Target, Echo Bazaar, Scrubs, Firefly, Dead Like Me, and in honor of its 25th anniversary, BTTF!), but I fully expect the majority to be WM and that's cool.

So, to quote the prompt:

The first TEN people to comment get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. Feel free to add prompt words/phrases/video if you like, just remember it's only 100 words.

In return, they have to post this meme in their own journal, offering drabbles OR icons (graphics fen, say one icon per prompt?), regardless of their ability level, and give it a go.

I AM ANAL ABOUT THE 100 WORDS THING, it will be PRECISELY 100 words if I can manage it. :D

Nevermind. I am picky about this when the drabbles are a personal challenge for ME, but these are meant to be gifts, and I won't make them less good just to shave them down to 100 words.

No slots remaining, current list under the cut )

2009 recap

Jan. 10th, 2010 09:51 am
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Writing totals for 2009:  176,663 words published in LJ; 3,807 words unclaimed on KM; 5,608 words of misc KM, claimed but not yet reposted; 902 words on comment_fic, not reposted; 1,665 words on zombiefest, not yet reposted; 1,100 words in drabbles; 20,869 words in unposted WIPs. Total: 209,894 words. Easily my most productive year ever, multiple times over. This is a positive thing!

School: 31 credit hours taken towards biophysics degree, GPA maintained at 4.0. Also positive.

Books: Not too many books read outside of class. That's not good.

Misc: Finally saw Night of the Living Dead(shame, shame, I know). Almost did NaNo, but then realized I was insane and backed out. Learned not to be afraid of sticking huge needles into things. I don't know, I'm running out of steam here.

Next year: Fucking finish BtB. Keep writing other stuff. At least start the novel. Go to AWP in April. Maintain the 4.0. Start volunteering somewhere else. Save up enough and get in decent enough shape to take an intro parkour class in the summer.

Hey 2009, you kind of sucked but were also kind of awesome in some ways(hiiii zorschach) but now you are gone. Fare thee well.


(Okay, 209K words? WTF, self? How did that happen?)



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