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Title: Night of the Living Street Pizza
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Rorschach, Dan, from the Possumschach AU
Date Written: 2012
Summary: Why am I using a full formal header for this crap? It's just possumschach being a zombie, idk idk.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for disgustingness and ridiculousness.
Notes: KM AU-mashup. Possumschach AU belongs to the anon who writes it (who may not be anon anymore, but I'm playing it safe here). This fic is completely pointless.

Oh god, he looks like roadkill. )
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Title: Something From Nothing
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: AU Dan, canon Rorschach
Date Written: 2010
Summary: Dan finds some of the most impossible things in his kitchen.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, language.
Notes:  AU mashup fill, between the void!schach AU and canon. If you haven't read voidschach here and here it likely won't make sense.

He stumbles out of bed and through the door and down the stairs, still unsure of his balance with only one hand to run on the banister. )
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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Two AU Mashup ficlets, one very old, one new. The first is a pileup of all the supernatural/transformation AUs on the kinkmeme at the time it was written. The second is Z!Rorschach and a version of Dan from the fic 'A Poor Hand Played Well' in which Dan loses his finances, his house, etc, and has to stay with Rorschach. In-jokes abound in both of these, sorry.
Rating/Warnings: PG, pretty tame all around.

Tales from the Twilight-Zone Corner
“…what’re you in for?” Dan finally asks, conceding defeat, trying to play it like a joke. )


When he opens them again, Rorschach’s in front of him, expectant and somehow more still than he’s ever been. )
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Title: Carrefour
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters/Pairings: Walter, Dan peripherally, Z!Walter/Dan also peripherally.
Date Written: 2009
Summary: A young Walter gets stranded in New Orleans in the late 1860's. Every bizarre sequence of events has a beginning.
Rating/Warnings: R for violence.
Notes: First, there was a Zombie AU. Then, there was [ profile] daylilymoon 's western AU, Stars. Then daylilymoon wrote a zombie/western mashup, Still. Then we decided to talk one day about where the hell western!verse zombie!Walter came from. And this was the result. So this is... zombiecowboy!verse? I guess? Walter's 17, this is two years before Still. CO-WRITTEN WITH [ profile] daylilymoon. <3 <3

It is a humid, lazy, beautiful melody the city sings under a fat strawberry moon, and if there are devils in the dark then they at least know how to sing too. )

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Fandom: Watchmen
Date Written: 2009
Summary: Ficlets. 2 written to various randomly generated two-word captcha prompts, the last is just random.
Rating/Warnings: R if you consider panicked repetition of the word 'fuck' to constitute an R rating, PG-13 otherwise. Implied slash in the first one, language in the second one, crack-premise in the third one. All Dan/Ror oriented.
Extra Note: The illustrations here are once again NOT MINE. Gifts from anonymous, who is all kinds of awesome.

'oil trestle'
One foot falls silently and mechanically after the other, the exact span of ties set into the old railway bridge worked easily and instinctually into Rorschach's cadence. )

Prompt: 'conning 20' (Zombie!AU)
The growl materializes almost of its own volition, singsongy, rising and falling and thoroughly unhinged. )

Prompt: AU-mashup - Canon collides with Zombie!AU through the use of applied phlebotinum.
Bad enough Jon managed to screw up like this, but to land us in the middle of a late night horror movie... )


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